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My name is Wayne J. Lagasse. I am the proprietor of R.T. Farms and Feed Company. My goal is to provide you with the best nutritional products available for your horses,  livestock and pets, whether domestic or exotic. That is why my product line is so extensive.

Having an extensive product line would not be beneficial to you without quality service. In addition to quality feed products and ingredients, we offer a selection of pet, farm and livestock supplies at our retail location on route 202 in Winthrop, Maine. We take time to assist customers looking for a particular product line for their animals, and do our best to get it to you at a fair price.

We also deliver products directly to your home, barn or farm. Currently, our delivery schedule is bi-weekly. We work closely with our customers to provide the products and service that is needed. I only ask that orders are called in no later than 4:00 P.M. two days before your scheduled delivery date. Our current delivery rate is $8.00 per delivery and minimum may apply to some locations. We will make cutesy calls two days before your delivery date if we do not receive your call.

Upon delivery, payment is expected either by cash, check or credit/debit card. A discount of 50¢/cwt. will be deducted off the feed portion of your bill upon delivery of 800# or more, if payment is received by cash or check. Any credit arrangements must be made before any scheduled deliveries. When you look at our pricing, please take into consideration your anticipated C.O.D. discounts.

We also carry many varieties of pet foods for your 4-legged, 2-legged or no legged pals, such as Acana, Fromm, Earth Born, Taste of the Wild, Sportmix, Wellness, Blue Buffalo and many other varieties for canine and feline friends. For our other pals we carry Kaytee and Oxbow products. We also carry treats, toys and shelters for our furry and unfurry friends. If there is an item or product you desire that we may not have on hand, we would do our best to bring it in for you.

Also, you may want to check us out on Facebook  (R.T.Farms, Enterprises@rtfarmsmaine) for Specials, New Products and Events.

Remember, at R.T. Farms, Enterprises priorities are:

  1. Quality Products
  2. Excellent Service
  3. Fair Pricing

Thank you for your interest in R.T. Farms, Enterprises and I look forward to doing business with you!

Wayne J. Lagasse