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Fiske’s Hoof & Hide Balm


Fiske’s Hoof & Hide Balm


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Fiske’s Hoof and Hide Balm has been tried and tested for over 100 years. It is a 100% natural, multi-purpose solution which covers the three basic needs of horse care maintenance: the hoof, the hide and the muscles. The blend consists of cooling herbs, pure essential oils, pine tar and menthol combined in a non petroleum base that is thickened with raw beeswax.

*450ml and 1L containers have an applicator brush, the 2.5L container is a refill and does not.

Advantages of Using Fiske’s Product:

  • Beeswax provides a healthy natural breathable barrier allowing for healthy oxygen exchange
  • Treats many forms of common hide ailments such as rainrot
  • Effective relief for swelling and muscle soreness
  • Maintains proper moisture balance in the hoof
  • Increases flexibility to prevent cracks
  • Contains NO Petroleum, 100 % Natural
  • Leaves a healthy shine – excellent show dressing
  • Ideal for cold weather applications
  • Fiske’s Hoof and Hide Balm has antibacterial / antifungal / antiviral / antiseptic properties that will help prevent infection from thrush and white line disease
  • Keeps hands clean. Ideal for the busy equestrian

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